The Missing Piece

19 Aug

On goes the yeast problem…well, sort of. I’ve been [trying] staying away from sugar and taking apple cider vinegar with each meal like my chiropractor instructed me to do and it’s not going anywhere! Still got some annoying itches in a few different places. A couple of weeks ago I was at a prayer meeting of sorts and a friend claimed that after praying my yeast problem was gone. I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe that God is able to heal just like that, so I trusted what he said and rejoiced! Next day I was still experiencing symptoms and didn’t understand why if he said it was gone. I figured he must have been mistaken and heard God wrong or something. Well, the other day at the chiropractor I got tested and he said the yeast wasn’t showing up but that what I was experiencing was a secondary infection from the yeast! So…I guess the prayers really did work and the yeast is gone! So now I have to work on getting rid of the infection – super echinacea with each meal. And I only need to watch my sweets and bread intake for another couple of weeks! Yay! (Please note that we still watch our sweets around here, only having one or two a week, but NO sweets at all is for the birds!)

Somethings else we found out is that I have mercury in my system! I had been thinking about a few years ago when I had been having test after test run on me to find the cause of my digestive issues and nothing was ever found. And then how around the same time, probably, this yeast thing started occasionally showing up until this year when it was brought to the surface after the detox we did. After some things I had read online about the dangers of removing mercury fillings because of the toxicity it could cause in your system…it hit me! Not long before all those problems hit me a few years back my dentist had removed all my silver fillings and replaced them with the new white kind!!! I bet I had mercury toxicity! Sure enough, when I mentioned this to the chiropractor at my visit this week, he tested me and found that I had mercury in me that had settled in my bladder! Now that we know it’s there we can get rid of it and I will no longer be toxic! He says that this could be the cause of all those symptoms back then and even the yeast taking over (which is also helped, I’m sure, by the many antibiotics I’ve taken over the years). Praise God for answers!!! Hopefully finding this piece of the puzzle with improve my health in the weeks to come!

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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Alternative Medicine, Faith, Health


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