Keeping Balance

01 Jul

Do you know anything about PH? What about acid versus alkaline? I didn’t know about this stuff until recently. You see, apparently my body is being taken over by yeast and causing some problems. A number of different symptoms have all pointed to yeast when my chiropractor tested me. Found out an overgrowth of yeast is caused by a highly acidic environment in the body. Viruses, bacteria, and cancers are also more likely in this environment. Our bodies are supposed to get a balance of acid and alkaline, but in our society it’s easy to be more acidic, since much of the processed foods and sugars lead to it, as well as antibiotics that many rely on for sickness. A diet in green veggies helps alkalize the body, but many of us don’t eat near enough of those! I’m convinced that my strong history of taking antibiotics (which has stopped, but I’m still paying for my history) and my love for all things sugar are to blame for my problem of too much acid which has led to yeast…a lot of it!

This link contains great information about this subject, complete with a chart of foods and whether they are acidic or alkaline. My doc has ordered me to lay off the sugar and take apple cider vinegar with each meal until my PH balance is restored (who knows how long that’s going to take). In addition to this, I’m trying to eat mostly foods from the alkaline side of the chart on the previously mentioned link. Really hoping we can get my balance corrected, as all this yeast is really taking it’s toll in many ways! One obstacle I’m running into is not being able to pass up the sugar at this point. I can limit it, but have not been successful in avoiding it all together! I guess you could safely say it’s an addiction! The detox we went through earlier in the year has helped decrease the amount I intake – I can’t eat as many sweets as I used to – but I still crave what little bit I have. It’s all the harder in the summer because this is when my ice cream and milkshake cravings are the worst!

Take a look at the chart for yourself. Do you eat a healthy balance of foods between the two sides? Also, if you are interested in finding out if you are PH balanced, you can use a litmus test to find out! Not sure where to find these. Probably can find them online or in a pharmacy.


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