Detox: Just About There!

22 Apr
Well, look at that! I’ve been so busy eating good, wholesome foods that I’ve not been keeping up with my posts this week! Ha! Okay, now seriously, we have been eating pretty darn good this week I have to say! My hubby (who was whining about all the veggies he’d have to eat for 3 weeks) has even loved them all! Here’s a recap:

Monday, Day 16: Standard Process shake for breakfast, along with a veggie omelette (can’t help myself – they’re SO good). Only another shake/smoothie for lunch. Some bell pepper for an afternoon snack. Then for dinner, we got to eat out at Bob Evan’s for Poppy’s birthday! I had grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and a salad. We’ve come to actually like oil and vinegar as a salad dressing! This was also one of the only days predicted to be not-raining sunny this week so we took a walk around the neighborhood before dinner, too! I love those walks, and have missed them over the winter!

Tuesday, Day 17: Smoothie for breakfast and lunch, along with a salad from Subway for lunch – just veggie, no chicken this time. That night we had a marvelous dinner of whole roasted garlic rosemary chicken with carrots and asparagus! The hubby could not stop talking about how good this was – every bit of it! The chicken was my recipe that I came up with on the fly, and turned out very tasty!

Wednesday, Day 18: Smoothie for breakfast and lunch, along with a little leftover chicken and some cucumber for lunch. For dinner, I experimented with the leftover chicken and came up with this chicken pico de gallo with rice dish, which actually was tasty, as well! I just love it when my experiments are a success! This didn’t contain a ton of veggies, so we had a huge salad with it! Yum! Throughout the day I also snacked on mandarin oranges (one of my current favs), grapes, and a boiled egg.

Thursday, Day 19: Smoothie and veggie omelette for breakfast. Smoothie and leftover chicken pico and rice dish for lunch. Then garlic cod with broccoli for dinner! This turned out very yummy, as well! I must’ve been craving sweets in the evening, because I had a banana and an apple. Then, finished off my night with a boiled egg.

Well, today is day 20, but we’re only halfway through so I’ll save that for another post. Overall, I’m feeling good, healthier, lost 9 pounds, and I’ve got some great new recipes to take with me post-detox! We do plan to continue trying to eat healthier once the detox is over (with the exception of little splurges here and there of horribly unhealthy things…as long as those splurges are few and far between). We were already making strides before this, but I think some of the things we’ve learned during this experience will help us to do even better from here on out! There is always room for improvement! 🙂

(I have tons of great pictures to go along with this post, but technology – you gotta love it – is not working for me today. I’ll have to try to post them later!)

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