Detox: 2 Weeks Down…

17 Apr

2 weeks down and 1 to go!

Okay, so I haven’t kept up with the blog as well this week, but we’ll get caught up in this post. I promise!

Thursday, day 12: Started my day with another veggie omelette (becoming my favorite breakfast) and a smoothie. Then for lunch all I had was another shake. We went out for dinner that night to take my momma out for her birthday. We went to Cracker Barrel and I ordered some rainbow trout dish with salad and baby carrots. I ate half the fish and then switched with my hubby who got grilled chicken. There was probably a little cheat with the carrots, because they had a glaze, but it was Cracker Barrel and I didn’t have many options that were detox approved! At least I got another veggie! I also had another green tea or two, which I can pretty much go without saying from here on out, since I’ve been having it about every day! We also took a walk around the neighborhood as a family, because it was a beautiful day! May not have been sweating, but I did get some exercise at least! I’ve got to say that I was a bit discouraged this day, because in tracking my weight I was up a pound from the day before (every other day I’ve lost at least a few ounces).

Friday, day 13: For breakfast and lunch both I had a pina colada smoothie. For lunch I also had some leftover brown rice and lentils from a couple of days before. I tried my hand at some spaghetti squash for our dinner meal, which wasn’t bad but wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had. I think it could be pretty tasty if I could tweak the marinara sauce a bit. It had too much of some herb which made it too strong. I will have to work on that, and this could be a great, nutritious meal! Throughout the day I also snacked on a bit of raw broccoli, bell pepper, and even had a third smoothie at night for a snack!

Homemade marinara sauce cooking

Spaghetti squash baked and partially shredded to look like spaghetti (it really did, too!)

Finished product! Looked like real spaghetti, doesn't it???

Saturday, day 14: Smoothie and…you guessed it…veggie omelette for breakfast. Smoothie and salad for lunch. Grilled salmon and sweet potatoes for dinner.

Sunday, day 15: Well, this day’s not over yet, but I started out with only a smoothie. Then at a family gathering lunch, I ate a chicken strip and pasta salad without the pasta. Haha! Yes, I got a few spoonfuls of the pasta salad and then picked out the pasta to eat only the veggies! You do what you have to do! Those were the only thing there that I could have on this cleanse! And don’t think for a second that the birthday cake wasn’t staring me down! It looked SO good!!!! My doc would be proud, though…I resisted! (Not sure if I will be able to resist, though, once detox is over! Maybe just a small piece for special occasions?) We came home and ate our afternoon smoothie. Not sure what the plan is for dinner, but I’m thinking maybe leftover spaghetti squash?

So far, I’ve lost about 7.5 pounds, which is good. I’ve put on about 10 extra over the past year or two, so hopefully I can at least get rid of that. Although, I’m not doing this to lose the weight, but that’s just an added bonus! Just wish I could’ve lost as much the second week as I did the first! Week 1: 5.5 pounds; week 2: 2 pounds.

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