Detox: Welcome Back, Meat!

13 Apr

Hello, day 11! This is the day we could add a lean meat back into our diet! (I’ve had a little chicken the last couple of days, though…don’t tell anyone!) Let’s backtrack, though, to see what we’ve eaten the last couple of days. Sorry, no pics this time…

Monday, day 9: Made scrambled eggs for breakfast, along with a smoothie. For lunch, only a smoothie and a few chicken nuggets (doc said it was okay). Then we steamed brown rice and some veggies for dinner, and had some more peppers and guac for a snack. I also added dry skin brushing as an added detox method. I bought the brush to try this a month or so ago and would like to start doing it on a regular basis. Also went to the gym to burn a few calories in the cardio room (which I do a couple of times a week).

Tuesday, day 10: Had my favorite, strawberry-mango-blueberry smoothie for both breakfast and lunch. Also had a salad from Subway with chicken added. For dinner, I broke out one of my favorite recipes from last week because it’s so easy – brown rice and lentils. And for a snack…you guessed it…peppers and guac!

Wednesday, day 11: Today, my hubby had the day off work and made his amazing veggie omelette for breakfast. Other than that I had a smoothie (of course). Then we had lunch at Subway. He was itching to have some chicken, since that is allowed back in our diet today. We can have either chicken or fish in small portions. So, at Subway we both had a salad with the oven roasted chicken chopped up in it. Came home and had a smoothie. Then for dinner, he grilled out some chicken and veggie skewers. Very tasty! I had a banana before going to workout (I think it helps give me energy) and then tonight we had the rest of our sweet potato fries from last night while we watched Toy Story. 🙂  I also cracked open a fresh coconut I’m hoping to use in a smoothie tomorrow. Never had fresh coconut! This will be my first! Excited to try it!

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