Detox: On To Week 2

10 Apr

Yesterday, we ended week 1 of our 21 day purification program. I had a smoothie and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Only a smoothie for lunch. Then for dinner, we went out to Frisch’s with my husband’s parents. We, of course, got the salad bar. We just couldn’t have any of the macaroni salad, cole slaw, and such. I had a salad with oil for dressing, and fruit. Last night I wanted to attempt a couple of the snack recipes I’ve been dying to try. I attempted sweet potato chips and guacamole. The sweet potato fries just never did turn out right, but the guacamole is divine! I think I may stick with sweet potato fries for a snack…it’s easier, and less time-consuming that the chips. The guacamole is amazing to dip peppers in…or just by itself! I admit that when I ran out of red peppers last night, I continued to eat the guac straight up! So yummy! My husband isn’t a fan of it (doesn’t like avocados) but that just leaves more for me! 😉

Homemade guacamole! D-i-v-i-n-e!

So, today we are on to week 2! This morning, I only had a shake (and 2 bites of my husband’s amazing omelette he made). My shake was really good! It was apple cinnamon. I give it a 4 out of 5 (5 being amazing). For lunch I attempted a carrot ginger smoothie recipe the people from the program included in their email. Not so great. That one would be a 2 out of 5. 😦 Now I’m sipping some iced green tea sweetened with stevia and thinking about breaking out the peppers and guac again! Haha! Just enjoying this weather we are having, and loving wearing shorts! I must say that it’s nice that my pants are getting easier to button again! I’ve lost just under 6 pounds so far.

For dinner tonight we plan on dining out again – this time with my mom. We want to go to Logan’s and get a salad and baked sweet potato, and maybe some grilled veggie skewers they have! It will be extremely hard to not be able to eat the rolls or the peanuts, though!

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Posted by on April 10, 2011 in Food/recipes, Health


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