Detox: Almost 1/3 Finished

08 Apr

So, we are almost through the first week of three! This week has actually gone kind of fast, surprisingly!

Yesterday – day 5 – I had a strawberry/banana/pineapple smoothie with the shake mix. It was good! I really can’t remember what I had for lunch, other than the rest of my smoothie…but it was just some peas or something small. For dinner, we had some wonderful stuffed peppers! The stuffing had lentils, brown rice, tomato, and onion…among other things. Very good! We even had two peppers left over to have for lunch today! Bonus!

Strawberry banana pineapple smoothie

Stuffed peppers!

Today – day 6 – My smoothie today was one of my favorite so far! It was strawberry/mango/blueberry! I added more water this time, and I liked the consistency much better than the thick smoothies I’ve been getting all week. Gonna have to start adding more water to all of them. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s smoothie for breakfast and lunch! I also had that leftover pepper from last night for lunch, so I was full. For dinner, the little guy and I went out to Bob Evans with my mom since the hubby had to work late, and I ordered a garden omelette and omitted the cheese. It had spinach, tomato, and onion in it. It was good and filling! As of this morning, I’ve lost 5 pounds since Sunday. that pretty much goes along with what they say in this program that you may lose about a pound a day (although, we are not doing it for the weight loss).

I also made some sweetened iced green tea today! A friend on facebook gave me the recipe. Since green tea is allowed on this program, I’m all about trying it!

Now off to bed to wake up to day 7, and the last day of week 1!

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