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Detox: Just About There!

Well, look at that! I’ve been so busy eating good, wholesome foods that I’ve not been keeping up with my posts this week! Ha! Okay, now seriously, we have been eating pretty darn good this week I have to say! My hubby (who was whining about all the veggies he’d have to eat for 3 weeks) has even loved them all! Here’s a recap:

Monday, Day 16: Standard Process shake for breakfast, along with a veggie omelette (can’t help myself – they’re SO good). Only another shake/smoothie for lunch. Some bell pepper for an afternoon snack. Then for dinner, we got to eat out at Bob Evan’s for Poppy’s birthday! I had grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and a salad. We’ve come to actually like oil and vinegar as a salad dressing! This was also one of the only days predicted to be not-raining sunny this week so we took a walk around the neighborhood before dinner, too! I love those walks, and have missed them over the winter!

Tuesday, Day 17: Smoothie for breakfast and lunch, along with a salad from Subway for lunch – just veggie, no chicken this time. That night we had a marvelous dinner of whole roasted garlic rosemary chicken with carrots and asparagus! The hubby could not stop talking about how good this was – every bit of it! The chicken was my recipe that I came up with on the fly, and turned out very tasty!

Wednesday, Day 18: Smoothie for breakfast and lunch, along with a little leftover chicken and some cucumber for lunch. For dinner, I experimented with the leftover chicken and came up with this chicken pico de gallo with rice dish, which actually was tasty, as well! I just love it when my experiments are a success! This didn’t contain a ton of veggies, so we had a huge salad with it! Yum! Throughout the day I also snacked on mandarin oranges (one of my current favs), grapes, and a boiled egg.

Thursday, Day 19: Smoothie and veggie omelette for breakfast. Smoothie and leftover chicken pico and rice dish for lunch. Then garlic cod with broccoli for dinner! This turned out very yummy, as well! I must’ve been craving sweets in the evening, because I had a banana and an apple. Then, finished off my night with a boiled egg.

Well, today is day 20, but we’re only halfway through so I’ll save that for another post. Overall, I’m feeling good, healthier, lost 9 pounds, and I’ve got some great new recipes to take with me post-detox! We do plan to continue trying to eat healthier once the detox is over (with the exception of little splurges here and there of horribly unhealthy things…as long as those splurges are few and far between). We were already making strides before this, but I think some of the things we’ve learned during this experience will help us to do even better from here on out! There is always room for improvement! 🙂

(I have tons of great pictures to go along with this post, but technology – you gotta love it – is not working for me today. I’ll have to try to post them later!)

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Detox: 2 Weeks Down…

2 weeks down and 1 to go!

Okay, so I haven’t kept up with the blog as well this week, but we’ll get caught up in this post. I promise!

Thursday, day 12: Started my day with another veggie omelette (becoming my favorite breakfast) and a smoothie. Then for lunch all I had was another shake. We went out for dinner that night to take my momma out for her birthday. We went to Cracker Barrel and I ordered some rainbow trout dish with salad and baby carrots. I ate half the fish and then switched with my hubby who got grilled chicken. There was probably a little cheat with the carrots, because they had a glaze, but it was Cracker Barrel and I didn’t have many options that were detox approved! At least I got another veggie! I also had another green tea or two, which I can pretty much go without saying from here on out, since I’ve been having it about every day! We also took a walk around the neighborhood as a family, because it was a beautiful day! May not have been sweating, but I did get some exercise at least! I’ve got to say that I was a bit discouraged this day, because in tracking my weight I was up a pound from the day before (every other day I’ve lost at least a few ounces).

Friday, day 13: For breakfast and lunch both I had a pina colada smoothie. For lunch I also had some leftover brown rice and lentils from a couple of days before. I tried my hand at some spaghetti squash for our dinner meal, which wasn’t bad but wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had. I think it could be pretty tasty if I could tweak the marinara sauce a bit. It had too much of some herb which made it too strong. I will have to work on that, and this could be a great, nutritious meal! Throughout the day I also snacked on a bit of raw broccoli, bell pepper, and even had a third smoothie at night for a snack!

Homemade marinara sauce cooking

Spaghetti squash baked and partially shredded to look like spaghetti (it really did, too!)

Finished product! Looked like real spaghetti, doesn't it???

Saturday, day 14: Smoothie and…you guessed it…veggie omelette for breakfast. Smoothie and salad for lunch. Grilled salmon and sweet potatoes for dinner.

Sunday, day 15: Well, this day’s not over yet, but I started out with only a smoothie. Then at a family gathering lunch, I ate a chicken strip and pasta salad without the pasta. Haha! Yes, I got a few spoonfuls of the pasta salad and then picked out the pasta to eat only the veggies! You do what you have to do! Those were the only thing there that I could have on this cleanse! And don’t think for a second that the birthday cake wasn’t staring me down! It looked SO good!!!! My doc would be proud, though…I resisted! (Not sure if I will be able to resist, though, once detox is over! Maybe just a small piece for special occasions?) We came home and ate our afternoon smoothie. Not sure what the plan is for dinner, but I’m thinking maybe leftover spaghetti squash?

So far, I’ve lost about 7.5 pounds, which is good. I’ve put on about 10 extra over the past year or two, so hopefully I can at least get rid of that. Although, I’m not doing this to lose the weight, but that’s just an added bonus! Just wish I could’ve lost as much the second week as I did the first! Week 1: 5.5 pounds; week 2: 2 pounds.

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Detox: Welcome Back, Meat!

Hello, day 11! This is the day we could add a lean meat back into our diet! (I’ve had a little chicken the last couple of days, though…don’t tell anyone!) Let’s backtrack, though, to see what we’ve eaten the last couple of days. Sorry, no pics this time…

Monday, day 9: Made scrambled eggs for breakfast, along with a smoothie. For lunch, only a smoothie and a few chicken nuggets (doc said it was okay). Then we steamed brown rice and some veggies for dinner, and had some more peppers and guac for a snack. I also added dry skin brushing as an added detox method. I bought the brush to try this a month or so ago and would like to start doing it on a regular basis. Also went to the gym to burn a few calories in the cardio room (which I do a couple of times a week).

Tuesday, day 10: Had my favorite, strawberry-mango-blueberry smoothie for both breakfast and lunch. Also had a salad from Subway with chicken added. For dinner, I broke out one of my favorite recipes from last week because it’s so easy – brown rice and lentils. And for a snack…you guessed it…peppers and guac!

Wednesday, day 11: Today, my hubby had the day off work and made his amazing veggie omelette for breakfast. Other than that I had a smoothie (of course). Then we had lunch at Subway. He was itching to have some chicken, since that is allowed back in our diet today. We can have either chicken or fish in small portions. So, at Subway we both had a salad with the oven roasted chicken chopped up in it. Came home and had a smoothie. Then for dinner, he grilled out some chicken and veggie skewers. Very tasty! I had a banana before going to workout (I think it helps give me energy) and then tonight we had the rest of our sweet potato fries from last night while we watched Toy Story. 🙂  I also cracked open a fresh coconut I’m hoping to use in a smoothie tomorrow. Never had fresh coconut! This will be my first! Excited to try it!

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Detox: On To Week 2

Yesterday, we ended week 1 of our 21 day purification program. I had a smoothie and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Only a smoothie for lunch. Then for dinner, we went out to Frisch’s with my husband’s parents. We, of course, got the salad bar. We just couldn’t have any of the macaroni salad, cole slaw, and such. I had a salad with oil for dressing, and fruit. Last night I wanted to attempt a couple of the snack recipes I’ve been dying to try. I attempted sweet potato chips and guacamole. The sweet potato fries just never did turn out right, but the guacamole is divine! I think I may stick with sweet potato fries for a snack…it’s easier, and less time-consuming that the chips. The guacamole is amazing to dip peppers in…or just by itself! I admit that when I ran out of red peppers last night, I continued to eat the guac straight up! So yummy! My husband isn’t a fan of it (doesn’t like avocados) but that just leaves more for me! 😉

Homemade guacamole! D-i-v-i-n-e!

So, today we are on to week 2! This morning, I only had a shake (and 2 bites of my husband’s amazing omelette he made). My shake was really good! It was apple cinnamon. I give it a 4 out of 5 (5 being amazing). For lunch I attempted a carrot ginger smoothie recipe the people from the program included in their email. Not so great. That one would be a 2 out of 5. 😦 Now I’m sipping some iced green tea sweetened with stevia and thinking about breaking out the peppers and guac again! Haha! Just enjoying this weather we are having, and loving wearing shorts! I must say that it’s nice that my pants are getting easier to button again! I’ve lost just under 6 pounds so far.

For dinner tonight we plan on dining out again – this time with my mom. We want to go to Logan’s and get a salad and baked sweet potato, and maybe some grilled veggie skewers they have! It will be extremely hard to not be able to eat the rolls or the peanuts, though!

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Detox: Almost 1/3 Finished

So, we are almost through the first week of three! This week has actually gone kind of fast, surprisingly!

Yesterday – day 5 – I had a strawberry/banana/pineapple smoothie with the shake mix. It was good! I really can’t remember what I had for lunch, other than the rest of my smoothie…but it was just some peas or something small. For dinner, we had some wonderful stuffed peppers! The stuffing had lentils, brown rice, tomato, and onion…among other things. Very good! We even had two peppers left over to have for lunch today! Bonus!

Strawberry banana pineapple smoothie

Stuffed peppers!

Today – day 6 – My smoothie today was one of my favorite so far! It was strawberry/mango/blueberry! I added more water this time, and I liked the consistency much better than the thick smoothies I’ve been getting all week. Gonna have to start adding more water to all of them. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s smoothie for breakfast and lunch! I also had that leftover pepper from last night for lunch, so I was full. For dinner, the little guy and I went out to Bob Evans with my mom since the hubby had to work late, and I ordered a garden omelette and omitted the cheese. It had spinach, tomato, and onion in it. It was good and filling! As of this morning, I’ve lost 5 pounds since Sunday. that pretty much goes along with what they say in this program that you may lose about a pound a day (although, we are not doing it for the weight loss).

I also made some sweetened iced green tea today! A friend on facebook gave me the recipe. Since green tea is allowed on this program, I’m all about trying it!

Now off to bed to wake up to day 7, and the last day of week 1!

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Detox: Days 3 & 4

As hungry as I was the first day, every other day has been better! One thing that is helping is eating something – even if it’s just eggs or a salad – with my shakes. By 4 o’clock today I was actually not even hungry and all I’d had was a big salad and two shakes! Not even any snacks. I am also totally proud of us for the dinners we’ve come up with! That was a concern of mine because I couldn’t find recipes that didn’t contain forbidden ingredients. My hubby and I would both say after the past 4 days we know for a fact that you can eat really good without bread and meat, and using only veggies, fruit, brown rice, and lentils! It has been tasty! 🙂

On day 3, I had a delicious salad for lunch along with my shake. Then for dinner we had a brown rice and lentils recipe that the people from the purification program sent us. It was good, and our toddler even ate it really well! He has loved all our dinners so far!

Greek salad

Ingredients for the Lentils and brown rice. Organic veggie broth, diced onions, diced green peppers, lentils, brown rice, turmeric, and diced green peppers. (There were 2 other spices, but I didn't have them)

Lentils and Brown Rice dish! Much tastier than it looks!

Today, day 4, I ate at Subway with my mom and had to forego the usual sub and my beloved sweet tea (*tear*) and had a veggie salad and water. My shake today was pina colada, which was good but I need to tweak it for a little improvement! It was sunny and warm today, so we opted for grilled veggie kabobs and rice! Hubster got to break out the grill for the first time this year, and dinner was AMAZING!!!

Grilled veggie kabobs! Tomatoes, green and red peppers, onions, and zucchini.

We put the grilled veggies on top of the brown rice. Mmmmmmm good!

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21 Day Detox: Beginning the Adventure

My hubby and I are venturing out on a 21-day detox that is supposed to clean out our bodies of all the junk we’ve been feeding them over the years (processed foods, toxins, etc). We are closing in on day 2, and 19 more days sure sounds like alot right now! We always usually try to eat healthy, but we never eat this healthy. It’s been quite a struggle to come up with meal ideas using the allowed foods, which for the first 10 days are basically just fruits and veggies! I thought I’d bring you along on our journey with us, so hopefully I can keep up with this and share the foods and meals that we come up with!

Yesterday was the first day of the cleanse. We only had our shakes (containing fruits, a cleanse powder, and powdered fiber) for breakfast and lunch. For dinner we tried a salad and baked acorn squash. The squash was great, the salad…well, let’s just say we need to find what works best as a salad dressing that is approved by the program. For snacks throughout the day we had peppers, carrots, and celery. Last night I broke down and boiled some eggs (not approved by the program, but our doc allows it as long as you don’t have egg sensitivities) because I had to have more protein before bed!

First shake of the cleanse. Mixed berries, banana, and required supplements.

2 acorn squash cut in half and de-seeded.

Next, fill baking dishes with about an inch of water and place squash halves cut side down.

Finished product! Baked acorn squash with butter and cinnamon! This has always been a favorite of ours (the toddler even likes it).

Our complete dinner. The salad was not good at all, but the squash was amazing!

Today, the second day, I had scrambled eggs and a strawberry and carrot shake! The shake was surprisingly good, and I was amazed by my Ninja’s action on the carrots! Didn’t flinch! I did have to add a little Stevia to sweeten this one, but it was tasty! For lunch, I had some broccoli (I had fixed some for my toddler) and another shake. For dinner, I didn’t have much to work with so we lacked variety, but our baked sweet potato wedges were really yummy!

Dinner for day 2 - baked sweet potato wedges. Everyone at the table loved these! 🙂

Our snacks for this week: Red, yellow, and orange peppers, celery, and carrots. Planning on making some guacamole to dip them in, too!

Tomorrow will be a true test, since I’m meeting my mom for our weekly lunch at Subway. I won’t get to have bread (I love bread) so it will be a veggie salad…and no sweet tea for me! Sad day.


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