The Two Miracle “Drugs”

28 Jan

I have found that two products no holistic family should be without are Echinacea and Flax Seed Oil! These two “drugs” nature has blessed us with are irreplaceable! From my understanding of our doc, flax seed oil, among many other things, is good for viral and echinacea is good for bacterial. With these two weapons you can overcome just about any common sickness that comes your way! Seriously! And fast!

One time, my hubby had some tummy virus and was vomiting every other hour or so…doc told him to hit about 6 flax capsules every hour or every other (I forget which) and by the end of that day the vomiting had ceased and he felt back to normal! Just a few days ago I noticed that I had a gland in the front of my neck that was hurting, so I asked my doc about it and he told me that I had an infection in one of my lymph nodes and to down the echinacea (the liquid form is most potent) every other hour. I woke up the next day feeling no pain! These are only two of the countless examples I have from our experience. I’m telling you! These two items are a God-send and our house keeps stocked up on both! Not to mention we take the flax daily to help our immune systems fight off anything we may be exposed to!

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Posted by on January 28, 2011 in Alternative Medicine, Health


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