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Looking Back

I have no idea how many readers I have…I’m guessing not many. However, if you’ve just joined me in reading my blog, I encourage you to start back at my first post and read up to the present. There are only 14 posts so far (15 after this one), so it really shouldn’t take long at all, but back at the beginning I have a few posts where I explain how I went from being someone who didn’t care what I ate, took medicine every time I got sick, and was not at all into doing all things natural like I am now…to someone who cares so much about it that I started a blog! My journey has led me to where I am now. I only wish I had gotten to this point MUCH sooner! I hope I can help lead to you make more natural choices in your daily life. Take it one step at a time and learn with me! If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer!

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The Two Miracle “Drugs”

I have found that two products no holistic family should be without are Echinacea and Flax Seed Oil! These two “drugs” nature has blessed us with are irreplaceable! From my understanding of our doc, flax seed oil, among many other things, is good for viral and echinacea is good for bacterial. With these two weapons you can overcome just about any common sickness that comes your way! Seriously! And fast!

One time, my hubby had some tummy virus and was vomiting every other hour or so…doc told him to hit about 6 flax capsules every hour or every other (I forget which) and by the end of that day the vomiting had ceased and he felt back to normal! Just a few days ago I noticed that I had a gland in the front of my neck that was hurting, so I asked my doc about it and he told me that I had an infection in one of my lymph nodes and to down the echinacea (the liquid form is most potent) every other hour. I woke up the next day feeling no pain! These are only two of the countless examples I have from our experience. I’m telling you! These two items are a God-send and our house keeps stocked up on both! Not to mention we take the flax daily to help our immune systems fight off anything we may be exposed to!

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Why We Use Cloth

I love cloth diapers for many reasons! I’ll mention them all here, but the initial reason we decided on cloth instead of our society’s norm, disposable, was cost. We are a one income family since I stay home to be a mom, and can’t afford the costly budget of constantly buying diapers. Yes, cloth may be quite a chunk of change up front, but after that you don’t have to buy anything else for diapering that child…and quite possibly other siblings to follow! It really works out way cheaper in the long run – especially if you have an efficient washer and dryer! We even use cloth wipes, so we don’t have to buy near as many wipes as the typical family of a child in diapers usually does.

Now, when I say cloth diapers some of you are cringing because you are thinking of the hassle of the old fashioned diapers that people use as burp cloths now. You’re thinking I have to fold it, pin it, and put rubber pants over it. Ha! That is the type of diaper I wore when I was a baby…but not what my child wears! They are so much more user friendly! We use the Bum Genius One Size diapers, and LOVE them! They come in different colors and even patterns! They work just like disposables, but you reuse them! Easy as can be!

Of course, there is the green reason – it’s much healthier for our planet! All those disposables that are being used by millions of people everyday are piling up in a landfill. They will continue to pile up over the years. Diapers that parents used 30 years ago are still sitting in a landfill today. In fact, the very first ever disposable diaper is most likely still out there somewhere! Crazy, if you think about it, how many disposable diapers must just be laying around making our earth more and more unhealthy. Cloth is a definite anwer to that crisis, as they get reused – not thrown away!

One more reason to use cloth is for health reasons. Did you know that disposable diapers are harmful to your baby’s health? Most people don’t know that. They are harmful in many many ways! From harmful chemicals linked to all types of health problems, to male infertility, and more – it’s all found in this article. It’s a short article I would suggest reading if you or someone you know uses disposables!

So, to wrap it up I must ask…it’s cheaper, and healthier for your child and our planet…why would you not?

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