Consulting Adam and Eve

17 Dec

My hubby and I have adopted a new way of looking at things. We ask ourselves, “what did Adam and Eve do?”. We figure that is the best way to decipher what would be the most natural way of approaching just about any situation, since they only had the basics and their gut instinct! Man hadn’t populated the world yet and come up with their own ideas and toxic ways of approaching sickness or parenting…or anything, for that matter! Did they have doctors in the early years of the world? Of course! But you can bet the doctors back then didn’t give them the toxic medications that are so often consumed today! They used what they had to work with – herbs, plants, fresh organic produce, etc. God obviously provided all these things not only for our nutrition, but to have medicinal properties that aid in healing various ailments and sickness.

So, when situations come up and we wonder how we should approach it, we look at how things were when God created the world since that was how he intended it to be. Did Eve have an epidural? Was her labor induced? Did Eve use formula? Did Adam pop an aspirin every time he had a headache? Did they place their baby in a separate room and let him cry himself to sleep? Did they vaccinate their children? Did they consume processed foods full of pesticides to nourish their bodies? Did Adam treat their lawn every spring with chemical weed killer? Did they cook their food in a microwave? Did they use soaps, shampoos, hairsprays, deodorants and other products daily that contained toxic chemicals? These are the types of questions we ask ourselves in our daily lives. What are the answers? No, no, and no to all! They had only pure, natural, unadulterated ingredients to work with, and they just listened to their natural instincts – not society (as there was no society yet…ha!). We may not be able to do everything now like they did, but it’s a principle thing.

I want to get back to the basics. I want us to try to approach our lives more like Adam and Eve did. The natural way. The healthy way. The way God created it.


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