Living Free of Poo

12 Nov

Now, being a mother of a toddler, I’m certainly not talking about number 2, here! I’m talking shampoo. It’s going on 4 months since I’ve used shampoo on my hair! Am I dirty, oily or gross? Do I not practice good hygiene? Nope to all of the above! I just don’t want harmful, toxic chemicals in my body, and shampoo is one of the ways they make it in! Not all shampoos are harmful – there are plenty of healthy, natural shampoos out there that don’t contain these toxins, but they are very pricey! One other alternative is Liquid Castile Soap – it’s truly all-natural and safe to use (I use it on my kid), and can be used as shampoo, body wash, or even for household cleaner! It’s a great product for any home to have, especially homes that strive to be green! Here is a great video to watch about the dangers of many of the products we use every day. I encourage everyone to take the time to watch this GREAT video!

Does this look like dirty hair? No shampoo for 4 months! Not dirty, just healthy!

2 simple ingredients is all it takes!

So, about going “no poo” like I have, just google “no poo” and you can find tons of articles and blogs about how to do this! This and this are a couple of good ones I found. Obviously up to you whether you want to try this for yourself or not, but I love it! I LOVE the fact that I’m using natural, basic, cheap things on my head like baking soda and vinegar. Plus, as a bonus I found out that my once itchy scalp no longer itches! Must’ve had too much shampoo build-up or something – I don’t know, but it’s gone! My hair feels great and is able to maintain it’s own natural, healthy oils. Not sure I’ll ever go back to poo! 🙂

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