Making Your Home a Safe and Healthy Environment

05 Nov

Much, but not all, of what I will write about comes from an organization called Healthy Child Healthy World. This organization and it’s web site are worth their weight in gold! I appreciate so much what these people are doing to raise awareness about the many toxins that are creeping into our homes and lives and affecting our health and the health of our children! I feel this is so important that a friend and I hosted a HCHW party to raise awareness to our friends (find out more about hosting one of your own here) It is important to have a toxin free environment for all of us, but especially our little ones, because their small developing bodies are more greatly affected by toxins and chemicals. When I have a question about a safer alternative to something I used to use that I know is toxic, I search their web site or ask them on their facebook page and always come up with a very useful answer! They also have their own youtube channel that is very helpful! I have learned how to toss my harmful household chemicals and switch to safer (and sometime less expensive) methods. I have learned how to feed my child healthy/safer foods, and ingredients to watch out for. It is true that toxins are EVERYWHERE in our world today, unfortunately, but as parents we just need to start somewhere and work on one thing at a time in making our child’s world a little safer. I encourage everyone who is a parent, or even hope to be one day (toxins you are exposed to before they are even conceived affect them!!!), to look at the HCHW information and learn from it. Download and print their information sheets to keep on hand for useful and EASY tips! Do this for your child. Their health is worth everything! Watch this video!

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