No Pests Allowed

31 Oct

I sprayed our house yesterday for the fall/winter, trying to prevent spiders and ants and such from making their way in. We spray every spring and fall, and it seems to cut down quite a bit on the amount of pests invading our space. We are careful, though on what type of pest control we use, as many of the options out there have chemicals we don’t want to breathe and don’t want our little one breathing. The containers usually say they are safe after a couple hours, but I know better. So after some searching, I found Orange Guard. Seems to work, and it’s all natural. It is safe to spray around food, people, and animals. It also has really good reviews on Amazon. So far, I’m happy with it! Use only if you don’t mind the smell of citrus, because it has a very STRONG citrus smell! We have less insects in our home, yet we aren’t risking our health by using a chemical insecticide. It’s a win/win! Happy mommy!

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Posted by on October 31, 2010 in Health


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