Who’s in Control Here?

30 Oct

My husband and I are Christians, and have always thought we had given control of every detail of our lives to God…until recently. It hit us like a bullet suddenly a few months ago that there was one area we were not leaving to his control…and most people, even Christians, don’t let go of this area. I can’t speak for any of them – many of my friends fall in the category – but I can speak for us. God convicted us for using any form of birth control. I wasn’t on the pill. I was only on that for about the first year of marriage. We had, however been preventing pregnancy with a form of birth CONTROL…we were trying to control this area of our lives instead of give it to God like every other area we had given to him. Why? The same reason anyone else does…we don’t want 20 kids! I love the idea of a large family, always have, but not sure if I have the patience to parent more than just a couple and the more kids the more expensive! Yes…it was merely us trying to figure out everything, like we knew better than God. Who are we? God is the only giver and taker of life – he should be the one to decide when and how many children we have, right? That’s how we feel, anyway. It’s a scary move, but we decided to follow what we felt God was asking of us and trust him in this area! I must say, it’s very freeing! My conscince is clear, and I’m not worried…I’m excited! GOD alone is in CONTROL! How ever many children he decides to bless us with – he will give us the patience and wisdom to raise them, and he will somehow provide financially. It’s not for me to figure out, my job is to be obedient! I’ve never been happier! Can’t wait to see what kind of story God writes for our life!

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