The Search is Over

30 Oct

(…continued from previous post)

Around this same time, I also started seeing a new family doctor. I was annoyed by the way the former one handled my situation – sending me away with a prescription to see if that helped. I thought I would search out a D.O. as opposed to an M.D. Someone had told me that they were more natural in their approach. A friend told me about a good D.O. in the area, so I started going to him. I will admit, he was a good doc, but still would revert to medication a little more than I liked. I wanted someone much more extremely natural than that, but didn’t know where to find them…until…

My son was 3 months old. He had some pretty bad reflux, and would spit-up several times a day…ALOT each time. His ped at the time (who had told me in an interview that medication was not her first answer) gave me a prescription for a reflux med. Hmmm…there’s got to be something else out there! Then a friend told me about a great chiropractor that could help my son’s reflux. Yes, I said a CHIROPRACTOR could help his REFLUX!!!! I was intrigued as I talked with her about it. Turns out he’s more than just a chiropractor like the one I used to see, he does natural medicine too! Well, I certainly don’t want to have my son on a medication for any length of time, so it’s worth a shot!

So, we did! My son and I went to this man to see if he could help. The first few visits were somewhat helpful, but I kept calling them telling them he’s still spitting up. Finally, we went in again and he found that something was wrong with a certain nerve in his jaw area (vagus) that was causing his problems! He fixed the nerve, and sent us on our way. More than a year has passed and he has not had any more problems with spitting up!!!!! That was our answer! That could be the answer for many other babies out there, yet they are being given medication to fix the problem because their parents simply don’t know how easy of a fix it is, and their ped certainly isn’t going to tell them – if they even know! This is so sad to me!

So glad we found this doc! We go to him only now. We don’t see an M.D. (unless an extreme situation arises where it is necessary) and our son doesn’t see a pediatrician. Our new doctor helps us with reflux/heartburn, sinus infections, ear infections, restless leg syndrome, and the list goes on and on…without meds! We use only vitamins, supplements, and adjustments. It sure feels great to be drug free!!!

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