The Healer

08 Oct

(…continued from previous post)

I had heard some friends tell about how chiropractics had helped them with some health issues that you wouldn’t really think would have anything to do with chiropractics…so sure, why not give it a whirl? I went to a chiropractor who those friends saw. Gave him a list of my symptoms and talked with him about it. He was for sure that I had costocondritis. Never heard of it, so he had to tell me about it. He proceeded to see me 3 times a week, then 2 times a week, then once, until he weaned me down to not being seen. He was just loosening me up to help the “costo”. I was feeling a little better, but never really believed that I had this thing he said I had.

So, then came the next step…

I don’t recall the actual year I went on my next adventure, I’m thinking maybe 2008? Anyway, I heard from some friends at church of a Solomon Wickey – an Amish Christian man who has the God-given gift of healing. He’s able to tell you exactly what’s causing your problems without any blood tests, xray’s, or imaging tests of any kind! Then, if God allows, he can heal you. Or sometimes he may just suggest an herb or something that will help with the problem. He doesn’t charge for services – he’s not allowed, since he’s not technically a “doctor”…the only thing is you have to drive to his place, which is in Indiana. It was little bit of a drive for us, but I drug my mom there with me. Just had to see what he had to say! They do have walk-in days, but we made an appointment. They’re Amish, so they don’t use telephones or computers…you have to write them an actual paper letter requesting an appointment, then the write you a paper letter back giving you a date and time.

Anyway, so we went! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Solomon himself as he was under the weather during that time (I know – ironic) but he had some trusted workers taking over for him – people who had studied under him and also had those same giftings. The lady we saw was very nice. She listened as I described all my symptoms and what the doctors had said. First she denied the claim by the chiropractor that I had seen that I had costocondritis. She did her “testing” and told me something a doctor would never tell me. I had way too much aluminum in my system. Huh??? I don’t even think that’s something the MD’s even check for. Anyway, she proceeded to tell me how to get rid of it and gave me a list of things it’s in that cause it to get in your system. She said that was causing some of my problems. She also said that I had had a virus in my back for quite some time, but it was gone now because she told it to leave! Wow! If I didn’t believe in the God-given gift of healing, I would’ve thought she was nuts and not believed a word she was saying. But I do, however, believe that God can heal and he can empower certain humans that he chooses as a vessel to do that healing! I was amazed at what had just happened and trying to process it the whole way home. This was opening a whole new door for me in the realm of health, and how I would learn to approach it!

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Posted by on October 8, 2010 in Alternative Medicine, Faith, Health


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