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No Pests Allowed

I sprayed our house yesterday for the fall/winter, trying to prevent spiders and ants and such from making their way in. We spray every spring and fall, and it seems to cut down quite a bit on the amount of pests invading our space. We are careful, though on what type of pest control we use, as many of the options out there have chemicals we don’t want to breathe and don’t want our little one breathing. The containers usually say they are safe after a couple hours, but I know better. So after some searching, I found Orange Guard. Seems to work, and it’s all natural. It is safe to spray around food, people, and animals. It also has really good reviews on Amazon. So far, I’m happy with it! Use only if you don’t mind the smell of citrus, because it has a very STRONG citrus smell! We have less insects in our home, yet we aren’t risking our health by using a chemical insecticide. It’s a win/win! Happy mommy!

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Who’s in Control Here?

My husband and I are Christians, and have always thought we had given control of every detail of our lives to God…until recently. It hit us like a bullet suddenly a few months ago that there was one area we were not leaving to his control…and most people, even Christians, don’t let go of this area. I can’t speak for any of them – many of my friends fall in the category – but I can speak for us. God convicted us for using any form of birth control. I wasn’t on the pill. I was only on that for about the first year of marriage. We had, however been preventing pregnancy with a form of birth CONTROL…we were trying to control this area of our lives instead of give it to God like every other area we had given to him. Why? The same reason anyone else does…we don’t want 20 kids! I love the idea of a large family, always have, but not sure if I have the patience to parent more than just a couple and the more kids the more expensive! Yes…it was merely us trying to figure out everything, like we knew better than God. Who are we? God is the only giver and taker of life – he should be the one to decide when and how many children we have, right? That’s how we feel, anyway. It’s a scary move, but we decided to follow what we felt God was asking of us and trust him in this area! I must say, it’s very freeing! My conscince is clear, and I’m not worried…I’m excited! GOD alone is in CONTROL! How ever many children he decides to bless us with – he will give us the patience and wisdom to raise them, and he will somehow provide financially. It’s not for me to figure out, my job is to be obedient! I’ve never been happier! Can’t wait to see what kind of story God writes for our life!

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The Search is Over

(…continued from previous post)

Around this same time, I also started seeing a new family doctor. I was annoyed by the way the former one handled my situation – sending me away with a prescription to see if that helped. I thought I would search out a D.O. as opposed to an M.D. Someone had told me that they were more natural in their approach. A friend told me about a good D.O. in the area, so I started going to him. I will admit, he was a good doc, but still would revert to medication a little more than I liked. I wanted someone much more extremely natural than that, but didn’t know where to find them…until…

My son was 3 months old. He had some pretty bad reflux, and would spit-up several times a day…ALOT each time. His ped at the time (who had told me in an interview that medication was not her first answer) gave me a prescription for a reflux med. Hmmm…there’s got to be something else out there! Then a friend told me about a great chiropractor that could help my son’s reflux. Yes, I said a CHIROPRACTOR could help his REFLUX!!!! I was intrigued as I talked with her about it. Turns out he’s more than just a chiropractor like the one I used to see, he does natural medicine too! Well, I certainly don’t want to have my son on a medication for any length of time, so it’s worth a shot!

So, we did! My son and I went to this man to see if he could help. The first few visits were somewhat helpful, but I kept calling them telling them he’s still spitting up. Finally, we went in again and he found that something was wrong with a certain nerve in his jaw area (vagus) that was causing his problems! He fixed the nerve, and sent us on our way. More than a year has passed and he has not had any more problems with spitting up!!!!! That was our answer! That could be the answer for many other babies out there, yet they are being given medication to fix the problem because their parents simply don’t know how easy of a fix it is, and their ped certainly isn’t going to tell them – if they even know! This is so sad to me!

So glad we found this doc! We go to him only now. We don’t see an M.D. (unless an extreme situation arises where it is necessary) and our son doesn’t see a pediatrician. Our new doctor helps us with reflux/heartburn, sinus infections, ear infections, restless leg syndrome, and the list goes on and on…without meds! We use only vitamins, supplements, and adjustments. It sure feels great to be drug free!!!

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The Healer

(…continued from previous post)

I had heard some friends tell about how chiropractics had helped them with some health issues that you wouldn’t really think would have anything to do with chiropractics…so sure, why not give it a whirl? I went to a chiropractor who those friends saw. Gave him a list of my symptoms and talked with him about it. He was for sure that I had costocondritis. Never heard of it, so he had to tell me about it. He proceeded to see me 3 times a week, then 2 times a week, then once, until he weaned me down to not being seen. He was just loosening me up to help the “costo”. I was feeling a little better, but never really believed that I had this thing he said I had.

So, then came the next step…

I don’t recall the actual year I went on my next adventure, I’m thinking maybe 2008? Anyway, I heard from some friends at church of a Solomon Wickey – an Amish Christian man who has the God-given gift of healing. He’s able to tell you exactly what’s causing your problems without any blood tests, xray’s, or imaging tests of any kind! Then, if God allows, he can heal you. Or sometimes he may just suggest an herb or something that will help with the problem. He doesn’t charge for services – he’s not allowed, since he’s not technically a “doctor”…the only thing is you have to drive to his place, which is in Indiana. It was little bit of a drive for us, but I drug my mom there with me. Just had to see what he had to say! They do have walk-in days, but we made an appointment. They’re Amish, so they don’t use telephones or computers…you have to write them an actual paper letter requesting an appointment, then the write you a paper letter back giving you a date and time.

Anyway, so we went! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Solomon himself as he was under the weather during that time (I know – ironic) but he had some trusted workers taking over for him – people who had studied under him and also had those same giftings. The lady we saw was very nice. She listened as I described all my symptoms and what the doctors had said. First she denied the claim by the chiropractor that I had seen that I had costocondritis. She did her “testing” and told me something a doctor would never tell me. I had way too much aluminum in my system. Huh??? I don’t even think that’s something the MD’s even check for. Anyway, she proceeded to tell me how to get rid of it and gave me a list of things it’s in that cause it to get in your system. She said that was causing some of my problems. She also said that I had had a virus in my back for quite some time, but it was gone now because she told it to leave! Wow! If I didn’t believe in the God-given gift of healing, I would’ve thought she was nuts and not believed a word she was saying. But I do, however, believe that God can heal and he can empower certain humans that he chooses as a vessel to do that healing! I was amazed at what had just happened and trying to process it the whole way home. This was opening a whole new door for me in the realm of health, and how I would learn to approach it!

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