Trying to Solve a Mystery

13 Aug

(…continued from previous post)

Fast forward a few years. This takes us to 2007. I had been married about a year and loving life, but all these weird symptoms started creeping in. I made a list of all my issues (mostly digestive) and took it to the family M.D. we were seeing at the time. He listened to me as I read my list and told him of my experiences. He decided to send me home with a prescription for something that helps with spastic bowel or something like that, and tells me to try that first to see if it helps. If not, he would order some tests to be ran. Getting a bit perturbed about him not getting to the source of the problem, but instead attempting to cover it up, I took my slip to the pharmacy where they sent me home with the magic pills.

Those pills must have been defective, because I didn’t see where they helped at all. So, I kept going back to the same doctor. Finally, he started having all these tests run on me. I don’t remember the order in which I had these done, but when all was said and done I had gotten a gallbladder scan, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and a couple other things that I can’t remember. It’s all kinda blurry now. Anyway, all I learned was a bunch of stuff I didn’t have, and that I had hemorrhoids…okay then.

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Posted by on August 13, 2010 in Health


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