Stuck in a Vicious Cycle

06 Aug

Alright, so it’s going to take quite a few posts to bring us to current times here! I’m going to back-track to bring you up-to-date on where I am presently. Hang on, and stay with me for my journey! Maybe even start your own in the process!

It’s true, that if someone would have told me 10 years ago that I would become a label reader who didn’t use any type of medication I would have looked at them strangely and then busted out laughing! I remember making fun of “label readers”, saying that I didn’t have to worry about all that. That’s because those type of people in my life were not watching ingredients to be healthier, but in order to lose weight. I figured I had no reason to read labels because I was always a skinny twig and didn’t need to lose weight (still don’t, really).

But even back then, there were little glimpses of the life I would one day live. Someone told my family that when you started to feel yourself getting sick you could take echinacea and vitamin c to help your body fight it off. So we did. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not (I now know you should use a stronger form of echinacea and more often for this to work). But if I did happen to get that 4-5 times a year sinus infection, I would have my routine doctor’s visit so they could write out the prescription for whatever type of antibiotic they were pushing that particular day (z-pack, amoxicillin, etc.), take it straight to the pharmacy and get started on my meds so I could get better. This happened a few times a year. I remember wishing they would just call it in for me because I knew what I had and what I needed to get rid of it. But, of course they would not take my word for it – they had to get some of my money so they could tell me what I already knew. So this is what I had to do to finally get my hands on that beautiful little slip of paper that would instruct the pharmacy technicians to hand over the good stuff! (Really sad side note: I just did a spell check and “amoxicillin” passed, but it underlined “echinacea”, which by the way is spelled right. Sad reality of this world to recongnize the name of a medicine, but not an herb!)

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Posted by on August 6, 2010 in Alternative Medicine, Health


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